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Waterproof Flooring

Wouldn’t it be nice to install welcoming floors in areas such as cafeterias, bathrooms, and entryways without having to worry about potential moisture or water damage? That’s why waterproof flooring has become one of the fastest growing trends in today’s commercial flooring market. Below, we will examine some of the trendiest waterproof flooring options available today.

(1) Ultra Core---Waterproof laminate flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring combined the natural wood aspect with innovative high-density black substrate ,which ensures a genuine, mufti-functional, waterproof and mildew resistance laminate flooring.

The black HDF substrate contains the core technical advantages of atomic hydrogen and activated carbon, plus with the four edge waxing, which improves the waterproof degree of the whole floor plank.

Now there is a laminate flooring option for every room in the house — including kitchens and bathrooms.

(2) Super core--Waterproof SPC Flooring

SENTAI SPC Rigid floor—SENTAI is the next evolution in sheet vinyl flooring. With advanced printing and texturing technologies,

Complete 100% waterproof,durable,hygienic and recyclable.

Sentai is the best-looking, best-performing sheet vinyl floor in the market.

Each product of Sentai provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates - choose the one that suits your lifestyle and your home.

The hottest new thing on the flooring market is waterproof flooring, and SENTAI is here to show you the best waterproof flooring options on the market. Now you can get that gorgeous, homey wood look you’ve been craving in every room of the home.

Get ready to dive head first into the world of waterproof flooring.